I Make Fun Of The Vancouver Winter Olympics Logo And Suddenly I'm A 'Racist'

By:  Rachel Marsden

I knew I would have a lot of opposition when I chose to speak out in this blog on behalf of Canadians of European origin and their lack of representation in official Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics material, but I wasn’t expecting so much blatant racist rhetoric from anti-Europeans.

In this Toronto Star column, ethnic representatives call my point of view “racist”, while apparently theirs isn’t:

The blog derides the Games logo, which depicts an inukshuk – an Inuit stone sculpture – as “some sort of native Indian stone carving resembling a bloke with massive oedema of the legs,” and mocks the Games mascots, a sasquatch, a guardian animal spirit and a sea bear (part bear, part killer whale).

Judith Sayers, now strategic adviser for the Hupacasath First Nation and adjunct professor of law at the University of Victoria, said the article is ignorant. “It’s beyond belief that in 2009 such blatant racism is being allowed to be made public.”

Note that I’m not even making a big deal of my cultural identity – just pointing out that the European immigrants who built Canada have been completely marginalised in the Olympics material, which is true. And making fun of the Inuit stone sculpture featured in the Vancouver 2010 logo isn’t a racist thing. It’s an anti crap art thing.