A Message From The French Government:  Give Us Your Money Or The Earth Will Die

By:  Rachel Marsden


Attention, People of France! The Earth is on fire! Give us your money! We tried being nice about it, but now we’re really broke… I mean, the earth is going to die very soon if you don’t let us rifle through your wallets.

Not that we’re going to ask permission any more. We’re almost done with that, so either you’re on board, or you’ll live an angry resentful life. You’ll barely even notice because we’ll give it back to you some other way – PROMISE!

And if you don’t give us your money, babies will die, you heartless, greedy bastards. And animals. Especially the cute ones. Think of the kids, like our Minister of Culture and Sex Tourism, Frederic Mitterrand.

Here’s how it’s going to work: France will get “carbon taxed”, then we’re going to put another tax at the perimeter of the EU. Because a socialist system goes broke when the “producing” countries hand cash to the non-producers. So the EU needs to find a way to import money into this economic gulag.

We’re not even putting on the balaclavas: we’re just going to walk in and calmly take what we need. And if that ad (see above) doesn’t scare you into adequate complicity, then hey, at least we tried. Not our problem any more. We’ve heard rumblings about the possible cancellation of man-made “climate change”.  Just so you know – even if that happens, there won’t be any refunds.