Steamrolling The Whore House, One Ho At A Time

By:  Rachel Marsden

When I first moved to NYC over a year ago and read in the New York Post that Governor Eliot Spitzer had said to Minority Leader James Tedisco, "Listen, I'm a fucking steamroller and I'll roll over you or anybody else," my first reaction was, ďWow, thatís hot.Ē  Yet another example of my apparently horrendous taste in men.

By now, most people who pay any attention to the news are probably aware that Spitzer was allegedly caught spending thousands of dollars, over possibly several years, on call girls.  It was a big shock because heís such a law and order kind of guy ó having spent part of his career at the Manhattan D.A. office and as Attorney General, chasing down the Gambinos and Wall Street crooks. 

Whatever.  Spitzer is still a red-blooded male.  And apparently a highly sexed one.  No one seems to be offering any excuses for his behavior ó although Iím not exactly sure why they arenít, frankly.  Heís a Democrat, so itís a God-given right.

Granted, Spitzer is accused of allegedly breaking federal law (the Mann Law, which involves committing crimes across state lines, given that he apparently had the hooker travel from NYC to his DC hotel).  But it's a breach thatís rarely ever prosecuted, best I can tell.  And being a John in a prostitution case ó well, thatís a misdemeanor, even though it looks like he may be facing several such counts, and probably wonít be getting a bulk discount (this isnít Canada).

Sex, even with hookers, isnít usually a career killer for Democrats ó even when they commit a more serious crime inter alia, as Bill Clinton did by perjuring himself during the Monica Lewinsky investigation.  Tossing a recyclable can in the trash is more likely to get them publicly burned at the stake.  A male Democrat who gets busted in a sex scandal usually ends up being labeled a ďgeniusĒ at some point Ė because, you know, all the geniuses in the history of the world had raging, uncontrollable libidos.  Republicans get tossed out of office ó Democrats get their ďbimbo eruptionĒ shrugged off as an act symbolic of their brilliance.

As a Republican female, Iíve had my own fair share of  public ďhimbo eruptionsĒ, having dated men who later turn out to be absolute sluts.  I donít get a pass, either ó even though Iíve never claimed, or preached from, the moral high ground.  I canít help but think that if I was a Democrat, no one would care.  I still think itís more of an ideological thing in this business rather than a gender related issue.

On any moral issues, Democrats usually get a pass.  People still talk about whether George W. Bush did drugs or drank, yet Barack Obama came out and admitted he did drugs, and inhaled.  Zzzzz.  No one cares.

 Spitzerís biggest problem is that he acted more like a Republican than a Democrat throughout his career ó which might explain why he has so few Democratic friends and supporters that he actually has to resign.  He was a law and order type who got busted on a law and order issue.  He went after prostitutes while he worked as a prosecutor, thereby setting himself up for a charge of hypocrisy.  Bill Clinton, on the other hand, was always a letch, and never held himself up as any kind of moral authority on anything.  Itís the hypocrisy that did Spitzer in ó not the crime itself.

As for the new governor ó itís too bad that heís a far-left liberal rather than a hard-assed fascist like Spitz.  Because thatís what New Yorkers need ó and they know it.  Someone who can steamroll the scumbags, but maybe stop just short of personally flattening hookers.  That would be swell.