Go Ahead...Fly Away...Make My Day

By:  Rachel Marsden

Who would have ever thought that in free countries like Canada and the USA, there would be so many people who feel that they're being held back? But events of the past week lead me to believe that society may be doing just that to Quebecers and Muslims respectively.

Prime Minister Steve Harper declared Quebecers a "nation" this week, in response to a threat by separatist Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe to do pretty much the same thing. In other words, Steve saw Duceppe eyeing his piece of cake, so he went over and licked it first. Another Churchillian moment in Canadian politics.

Newspapers followed up with eye-glazing semantics lessons examining the meaning of words like "nation" and "Quebecer." This movie was boring the first two times when it was called "Meech Lake" and "Charlottetown."

I like that my American friends can just come up to Canada if they want to be talked down to in French, rather than having to go all the way to Europe for the same cultural experience. But as convenient as that may be, I'm really starting to think that perhaps it's time to pack Quebec's bags, and drop the kid off at the train station. Or at least see how long it takes for him to break down and start wailing for dad to come pick him up.

Scotland -- a country loaded with leftists -- has been threatening to leave the UK for years. Now, the people of England seem to want a divorce from Scotland, too. A recent poll of Sun newspaper readers in the UK found 81% support for English independence.

The same thing could ultimately happen here in Canada. According to a Canada West Foundation poll, 40% of people under age 35 in the four western provinces either support Quebec separation or don't care if the province leaves.


Next time, instead of letting the separatists place the burden of yet another referendum on Quebec to decide whether the province's independence should be pursued, how about every other province votes on whether to dropkick Quebec out of Confederation?

If that exercise proves useful, then maybe that other "nation" -- the one that calls itself the First Nation, or First Nations, will want to give it a go, as well?

I wouldn't want any group to feel tethered to our federal government's handouts if they feel that Canada is holding them back and they could do better on their own.

The same goes for the Muslim groups protesting US Airways' removal of six imams from a flight when they engaged in some pre-departure prayer demonstrations and, during boarding, repeatedly called out the name of Allah.

It's an airplane -- not one of those prayer rooms inside our many taxpayer-funded institutions of leftist learning. The airlines have to actually consider what's good for business.


Witnesses told the Washington Times that the men were just chatting about the Iraq war, George Bush, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. You know, like when you're on a cruise and you can't help reminiscing about the Titanic.

I suggest these folks leave us unenlightened types to our own airlines, and start up their own. Then Osama bin Laden can be on the cover of every in-flight magazine -- like Oprah on the cover of O -- for all anyone cares.

Go ahead and spread those wings.