How Rudy Can Beat Hillary

By: Rachel Marsden

Although it’s still political primary season and we have a few months to go before each party’s nominee is selected, national polls show that Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani will ultimately end up facing off for the presidency.

So here’s how Rudy can beat Hillary – starting right now.

Hillary isn’t focused much on Giuliani or the Republican candidates. In fact, it seems she just realized during the last televised Democratic debate that she was actually running against people other than George Bush. She has this luxury of staying above the fray right now because she’s up against competitors in her own party who, for example, are so politically savvy as to publicly admit to seeing a UFO (Dennis Kucinich).

Even though Rudy and Hillary – like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in their early days, but far more disturbing as a couple – haven’t actually been seen together in public yet, Rudy needs to start throwing some punches from across the street.

He and his team should be writing op-eds for major newspapers to pin Clinton down on the issues around which she’s been bobbing and weaving up until now.

Question why she opposed a Senate resolution commending Iraq for denying amnesty to terrorists. Why she rejected sanctions against foreign governments and companies that invest in Iran while its president is still playing mad scientist. Why she opposed small business health plans while advocating a universal health plan that she has yet to explain. Or why she insisted on encouraging cultural segregation in America by voting against English as the official language of the US government, but favours giving illegals social security benefits. And why she even wants to tax dead people by refusing to repeal the death tax.

Speaking of which, here’s one for the holiday season: Put out some ads tallying up all the items on Clinton’s wish list, pointing out that Santa stopped putting out in her case many years ago – and that’s where the taxpayers stepped in.

All these measures serve, at the very least, to muck around in the love affair between Hillary and the media as witnessed by the voting public – at least enough to make sure they don’t get too many quiet, romantic nights alone.

Giuliani should also portray himself as the crossover candidate early on (not to be confused with cross-DRESSING candidate). By this, I mean that he should remind people that he has the endorsement of Moral Majority leader Pat Robertson (mainly because Robertson’s a pragmatist who realizes he may as well mount the winning horse before it has left the barn), but also that he appeals to the moral heathens who think Barack Obama is cool because he admits to doing drugs and screwing around.

Rudy conceded defeat in the competition for Jesus’ gold star early on in the GOP race, but that doesn't seem to have hurt him. If Obama can get Oprah on board with his campaign, then Rudy should be able to scoop up those supporters when Obama inevitably gets eliminated from the race. Because if anyone can give Oprah’s couch a serious workout, it’s Rudy.

He may as well inoculate himself now, because if there’s anyone who can dig up even more dirt on Giuliani (or anyone else), it’s the Clintons.

Finally, optics can often be Hillary Clinton’s worst enemy – and they can ultimately determine an election. Think of JFK debating Nixon who, by comparison, looked like he was ready for naptime at the senior citizens centre.

As the French presidential election proved this year when now-president Nicolas Sarkozy managed to get Socialist candidate Segolene Royal to lose her sangfroid during a debate, as sexist as it may seem, it’s just a fact that anger looks horrible on women in politics. As a conservative who has debated many liberals, I can guarantee that when you get them past their bumper sticker rhetoric and pin them down on specifics, they get frustrated and rattled – often launching in to ad hominem attacks. Rudy needs to go there.

It’s not a man-vs-woman thing; it’s a winning-vs-losing thing. Hillary’s already said she’s playing the “frontrunner” card, not the “woman” card. Excellent. Game on, girlfriend!