Since Jesus Isn't Running, Why Not Rudy?

By:  Rachel Marsden

NEW YORK -- Despite trouncing Hillary Clinton in early presidential polls--even in hardcore Democratic states like New Jersey--Rudy Giuliani is taking flak from right-wingers for not being socially conservative enough.

For example, at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, delegates voted for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt "Who Dat?" Romney over Giuliani, in a straw poll.

Referencing Giuliani's pro-choice views, The National Catholic Register wrote: "A Republican party led by a pro-abortion politician would become a pro-abortion party."

A prominent Southern Baptist has denounced Giuliani for divorcing twice, and having a public affair during his second marriage.

It would appear that some conservatives are holding out for Jesus Christ as their 2008 GOP candidate of choice.

Ronald Reagan couldn't get elected in this political environment. In addition to being divorced, Reagan's conversion from pro-choice to pro-life has even been cited by Mitt Romney to justify Romney's own ideological transformation.

Let's be practical. No one who manages to get elected president is going to ban abortion outright. We may as well be arguing over whether to outlaw oxygen.

And the fact Giuliani had an affair while married suggests he is at best a multi-tasker, and at worst a jerk. Given that the biggest challenge America faces is the multi-front war against murderous terrorists, I'd say both qualities would be a plus.

While the bulldozer is revving up outside, some conservatives are busy nitpicking about the wallpaper.

Personally, I'm not thrilled about Giuliani's support of gay marriage, but then again, I haven't seen George W. Bush -- who is against it -- doing much about social engineering by the courts on this issue, either. Granted, I'm sure he's focused on other priorities at the moment -- because if Muslim terrorists win this war, no one will have the luxury of indulging in a gay marriage debate.

Hoity-toity New York Magazine ran a story on Giuliani recently, featuring a cover photo with a one-word headline: "HIM?" The fact that this city's liberal elite aren't keen on the former mayor should give conservatives all the more reason to like him.

Some have told me they feel he "has a bad civil rights record." By this, I have learned that what they really mean is he supported the police when they got tough on criminals. At least Rudy doesn't strike me as the type who would shy away from checking under burkas.

And he magically made those annoying squeegee jerks disappear. All we would need is for Rudy to visualize the terrorists with squeegees, and this war will be over.

As I watched Hillary Clinton trying to fake a southern accent while pandering to blacks at a civil rights event this week, one thought played on my mind: What will she dig up on Rudy that hasn't already been aired?

Then I realized that unless it's pretty drastic, I don't really care. We're in a street fight with terrorists, and America needs a rough, seasoned fighter who has taken some hits, but always manages to get back up and keep going.

Democratic contender Barack Obama's camp announced this week he recently paid the outstanding parking fines he racked up at Harvard University 17 years ago.

Good for him, but who cares?

Since when did the criteria for being President of the United States intersect with the job description of "Our Lord and Saviour"?