If you think the jab is your pass to freedom, you may be mistaken

By: Rachel Marsden

PARIS — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just issued new guidance that warns Americans to avoid traveling to France even if they’ve been vaccinated. Yet France is doing all it can to accommodate the jabbed at the senseless expense of the unjabbed. Apparently sanitary apartheid isn’t working, unless the goal is to kill the French economy.

The scenes here in France this week have been jarring. How would people have reacted pre-Covid if they had witnessed police raiding an outdoor restaurant patio to check for government-issued QR codes indicating that patrons had been vaccinated or recently tested? Or if they saw transit authorities slapping blue bracelets — symbols of this new sanitary apartheid — on those whose health passes had been validated?

The government’s QR-code-based health pass now covers nearly all venues of everyday life: cafes, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, museums, libraries, parks, swimming pools, some shopping centers and public transit. The ground truth is surreal. Swimming pools are being swarmed by kids 12 to 18 years old with virtually zero adults present. Members of this younger age group are exempt from the health pass until Sept. 30, after which they’re also expected to get the jab, lest they be excluded from school sports or outings. They could also be excluded from in-person learning and relegated to remote learning if a single case is detected in their class, according to the French education minister.

It all marks an unprecedented suppression of freedom, with the complicity of jabbed citizens who find themselves in compliance but remain blissfully ignorant about their own vulnerability.

When French citizens are interviewed by TV networks about government COVID-19 measures, their responses often show the level of brainwashing that permeates the debate over the Covid crisis.

Many of these citizens argue that the health pass is a good thing because it gives them the security of a Covid-free environment. They have gobbled up establishment propaganda suggesting that COVID-19 injections prevent people from catching and transmitting the virus, even though there’s mounting evidence that isn’t the case, as the CDC’s new travel warning about France proves. The U.S. has even issued travel warnings for two of the most pro-vaccination countries in the world: Israel and Iceland.

“Because of the current situation in Israel, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants,” the CDC warned.

Israel is considered a model for performance of the Pfizer vaccine, but Israel’s health ministry has disclosed that at least 14 Israelis who had received a third Covid injection tested positive for the virus.

Governments seem eager to “reward” those who partake in the Covid jab experiment. To create those incentives, they have taken basic freedoms away from the general population. For instance, only the jabbed are now allowed to infect others with the government’s blessing, since the French government has decided that masks are no longer be required in health pass venues. Oh, except on public transit, because the government apparently doesn’t trust any of these measures in situations where they’re most likely to be put to the test.

The francophone Canadian province of Quebec is following France’s lead by adopting its own health pass. Quebec Premier François Legault has basically admitted that normal life and freedoms are now reserved only for the jabbed.

“We want people who made the effort to get vaccinated to be able to live normally, with restaurants and other services,” Legault said.

Of note, Quebec, with a population of 8.4 million, counted just one death attributable to COVID-19 on Aug. 8, two days after Legault’s declaration.

At the outset, the COVID-19 injection was sold to the public as a treatment — a way to prevent serious effects if one happened to catch the virus. Now, governments are falsely peddling it as a way of ending the pandemic and attributing immunity-imparting virtues to it that apparently don’t exist. They’re using a disproven “collective good” argument as a justification for suppressing individual rights and freedoms.

Governments are dividing and conquering, turning the jabbed against the unjabbed, with the jabbed unaware that it’s only a matter of time before they too have their freedoms suppressed the moment the government decides that two Covid injections aren’t enough. Are the jabbed willing to wait to fight back against this creeping authoritarianism? Because by the time their vaccinations are no longer enough to earn special privileges, it will likely be too late.