Thug Culture Doesn't Have a Colour

By:  Rachel Marsden

Last week, my column supporting the death penalty in open-and-shut cases of serious violent crime flushed out some charter members of the Waiting to be Offended Club.

I made no reference to the race of the two teen suspects charged with trafficking drugs and murdering Windsor Police Constable John Atkinson (they’re white, by the way).  But leave it to liberals to advance the racist argument that gangsta thug culture can only be associated with blacks, even though the most famous rapper in the world is a white guy named Marshall Bruce Mathers III, who lives just across the bridge from Windsor.  Outside of court, he’s known as Eminem.

One budding gang-banger wrote:  “It seems you hate black people and the black culture”.  He then proceeded to call me a “white hoe”.  Racism and garden tools:  together at last.

Another beacon of inclusiveness accused me of being a “racist bitch”, then called me a “cracker” in the next sentence.

Consider this artistic contribution by a high-profile member of the homey community:

Ice Cube will swarm

"On any m******cka in a blue uniform

Just cuz I'm from the CPT, punk police are afraid of me

A young nigga on a warpath

And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath

Of cops, dyin in LA"

If lyrics like these, from NWA’s ditty “F**k Tha Police”, inspire you to tuck your “piece” into that hula hoop around your knees that you call a waistband, and go around offing innocent people, then you should have the chair kicked out from under you.  Black punk, white punk, I don’t care—yo.

But liberals see “racism” everywhere.  Academic Manning Marable even saw it in Ronald Reagan’s policy of equality, accusing the former US President of opposing “government policies designed to redress blacks' grievances or to compensate them for either the historical or contemporary effects of discrimination.”

Lefties love black people, as long as they’re advancing the radical leftist agenda.  There isn’t an ethnic group that they won’t use as a front.

I received several notes from members of the Anti-Racist Action (ARA) group.  They’re the folks who are best known for peddling that “Free Mumia” merch on university campuses, in support of a cop killer.

In one ARA member’s opinion, my column contained “strong undercurrents of racism”, and fell “just short of bellowing calls for a modern day lynch mob”.  Shrugging off the murder of a police officer, he expressed concern for “the many young dead people who were victims of the Toronto Police”.  Many?  Try naming one.

When these “anti-racists” aren’t holding bake sales for poor Mumia, they like to host events promoting the joys of communism and anarchy.  At least one has been a federal Marxist-Leninist Party candidate.

Perhaps they would like to invite successful black people like former and current conservative US Secretary of States, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, to speak at one of their “anti-racist” events?

Rice and Powell are more likely to be viewed by this crowd as “Aunt Jemima” and “Uncle Tom” of Master Bush’s plantation.  Many “progressives”, like Wisconsin radio host Sly Sylvester, have already articulated this sentiment.  That’s because liberals only like black people who support the kind of government that they like—such as Castro’s Cuba, where all the badass lefty rebels are dependent on Big Daddy Fidel for their allowance.  And they actually do work on plantations.

Conservative US President Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in 1862.  Nearly 150 years later, right-wingers are still waiting for liberals to get with the program.