Gay Hollywood Forces Women To Watch Movies Starring The Pretty Boys They Fancy

By:  Rachel Marsden

Have you noticed how many Hollywood casting choices nowadays seem to be made by gay men?  I’m talking about Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Shia LeBeouf, and every male in the Twilight movies.   No real woman finds these guys attractive.  I don’t want to witness anyone’s voice drop over the course of their silver screen “leading man” career.  Real women fantasize about a man who can carry them to safety – not one who would rescue her from a poor choice of dress colour while in the dressing room at the GAP.

I realize that many of these leading “men” are meant to appeal to young girls rather than mature women.  That’s even more criminal.  These girls really shouldn’t be developing a taste for boys their age.  That’s just not normal.  They’re at the age when they’re supposed to find boys repulsive.  They should be spending their day at school trying to avoid “boy germs”, then on Friday night going with mom and dad to see a film featuring a real man who embodies a high standard of manhood with which they can taunt and challenge their male classmates. 

It’s no wonder teenage girls are having sex with all sorts of losers in their class at an increasingly younger age.  The mop-heads to which they’re exposed on the big screen – these featherweights seen to be fending off realistic looking computer generated monsters when in real life they probably couldn’t carry their mother’s groceries with their spaghetti noodle arms – serve to inflate the fantasies of young girls vis-à-vis their similar looking male classmates.  It’s called the halo effect.  We political strategists use it all the time:  “He talks about hope and change like Obama, ergo he’s just like Obama!”  Sadly, it works – mainly on idiots and simpletons, of which there are far too many.  Similarly, young girls see these estrogenized boys on the big screen and think, “This guy here in my class looks just like Shia LeBoeuf, who is so brave and, like, kills aliens and saves girls and stuff!  I would totally shag Shia but, you know, he’s busy, but I have his twin here, pretty much, RIGHT IN MY CLASS!  How lucky is that?!”

Habits and tastes develop in childhood.  Your mother knew this, which is why she force-fed you broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  The girls who lust after feminized screen idols today will eventually morph into middle age cougars with multiple divorces who can’t figure out why their men seem to enjoy spending their Saturday afternoons getting pedicures.  When I was a teenager, I lusted after Tom Cruise in Top Gun.  My mother’s generation had Rock Hudson, James Dean and Marlon Brando.  It isn’t even a question of the sexual orientation of the actors themselves – but rather whether they can convincingly pull off portraying a real man.  For some it may involve more acting than we realize, but that’s why they’re paid millions.

I just read a survey showing that many of these young effetes score at the top of the "talent cost" vs "arse in seats" value ratio, so using them is perhaps just a question of economics in Hollywood.  Manly men are in short supply and cost more.  You can't just find real, convincing leading men on any playground or getting mom-and-son matching frosted tips at the salon and plug them into a film.

As a right-leaning political commentator, I often get asked why I don’t criticize male actors for their off-screen political leanings.  Frankly, I’m not that picky.  I can enjoy a performance by a competent leftist actor who can convincingly portray a redblooded male.  Hollywood seems to have enough trouble finding those without bringing politics into the picture.