The Perils of Political Correctness


By:  Rachel Marsden


Seventeen alleged Islamic terrorists were arrested in Canada recently, leaving approximately 50 more terrorist cells to go, according to federal spy agency sources.  But even with authorities acknowledging that more arrests are inevitable, there’s one thing that could hinder further takedowns:  political correctness.


Since the terror busts, some Canadian journalists have been busy spitballing accusations of ethnic insensitivity at each other from the nation’s editorial pages.  Obviously, they’d rather be picking the lint out of each other’s navels than worrying about the folks who want to kill us.


Meanwhile, the political climate here is so charged that politicians, editors and police are treading on eggshells, afraid that the wrong words could be enough to send some Islamofascists on a bender—as though they actually need an excuse.


After every set of arrests, Toronto’s police chief shouldn’t have to publicly cozy up to Muslims in a joint press conference, while passages from the Koran are chanted on national television.  If the average Canadian channel surfing for Seinfeld reruns had a hankering for the Koran’s greatest hits, then Al-Jazeera would already be widely available on cable TV.


If the police chief had a love-in with every community that represented the culture, religion or ethnicity of an arrested person, we could devote an entire, 24-hour channel to these productions.  It could be called the “White Guilt Channel”.  (Not to be confused with the liberal infested Canadian Broadcast Corporation.)


For example, if a homey is arrested for doing a little “unconventional shopping”, we could tune in and catch the police chief on stage at a rap concert with a Mercedes hood ornament around his neck, periodically grabbing his crotch while he explains:  “This is not about all o' ya. Ya dig?”


After the arrest of an Indian lawbreaker at the site of an ongoing land claim standoff in Caledonia, Ontario, we could watch a moccasin clad Ontario Provincial Police chief having a fireside powwow with various Indians and their far-left Ward Churchill type groupies.


Canadian authorities need to drop the ethnic mollycoddling and just enforce the law.  Under the doctrine of political correctness, Canada has become the permissive parent who doles out too many finger-wags and not enough cracks on the bum – all while the kid is busy chewing up the scenery.


Here’s a question for the Canadian arbiters of political correctness:  If an Indian wants to defend “his land” (read: all of Canada) from Islamofascists who think he’s an “infidel” and want him dead, who gets the politically correct advantage?


On one hand, we have the ongoing hooliganism in Caledonia by Six Nations Indians, as they set streets and an overpass on fire, overturn cars, blockade roads and railways, allegedly drag three people out of a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle before attempting to use it to run over a police officer, and continually violate a court order to occupy what they perceive as their sovereign turf in an ongoing land dispute.


Hogtied by political correctness, our police have been hindered in acting to protect the innocent, even when an act of violence is occurring right in front of them.  And what were U.S. Border Patrol officers doing in Canada?  Apparently they were observing how Canadian police operate in a standoff.  Only the French, circa WWII, could offer a comparable crash course in do-nothingism.


Meanwhile, we still have some hard-core “religion of peace” fanatics in our midst, any of whom may or may not decide to opt for those “72 virgins” over striking out at the local bar.


The authorities seem to be dragging their feet in both cases, so maybe we can remove the white guilt factor altogether and just get the Islamofascists to duke it out with the Indians?  The Islamofascists want to kill non-Muslim infidels, and the Indians want everyone off their land.  The leftist sympathizers entrenched in both camps could get actively involved in the cage match, too.  Finally these armchair Che Guevaras would have an opportunity to fight for their misguided beliefs, rather than hiding behind a desk at Commie U, pulling their chins and regurgitating Chomsky talking points.


If that idea is way too politically incorrect and outrageously offensive, then I’ll settle for our political masters and police brass stepping in and actually getting the job done without all the pandering and hand-wringing.  If the recent Indian standoff teaches Canada anything, it’s that even in serious cases, political correctness can prevent the authorities from doing what is required to protect society.  When dealing with terrorism, that’s a scary thought.