The New Realities of Muslim Non-Integration

By: Rachel Marsden

This week, the President of Turkey addressed the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, pleading his case as to why his country -- located in Asia Minor, and one of the world’s biggest Muslim nations -- should be given the green light to enter Europe. “Europe needs more Muslims, am I right?”, he said. Well actually, no he didn’t actually say that. But that’s precisely the concern on the other EU leaders’ minds – and the issue he’ll have to address realistically and directly.

Instead, here’s what he said: “Racism and xenophobia represent a major cause of concern in connection with the current economic crisis. They lead governments and political elites to take a tough line on immigration.

Roma and travelers, Muslims or Jews, and more generally, those who are different, experience hostility and social exclusion in many of our societies.

There is a rise in electoral support for political parties which portray immigration as the main cause of insecurity, unemployment, crime, poverty and social problems.

These are trends which should concern us all. Those pathologies are weakening Europe and decimating its soft power in the world. We should work hard to defeat these problems to reassert Europe on the global scene.”

So his argument is that the economic crisis has led to governments being racist, and that racism is weakening Europe and making it less competitive against rising powers like China. China, you see, is rife with non-Chinese and a veritable paragon of diversity and multiculturalism as opposed to us dummies in the West who are losing out shirts because we’re so racist.

Nice try. Here’s another view: What if the West was becoming less competitive and more broke because we were too open to multiculturalism and immigration? Because western democracies have been so open-hearted and soft towards immigrants from problematic cultures and countries, we have imported their problematic values and diluted our own standards and values which up until now have given us a cultural and competitive advantage. The realities of welcoming anyone and everyone on the basis of family reunification, and offering taxpayer funded freebies to those sucking off our system while not contributing, has in large part caused the current economic crisis.

Granted, not all Muslims fit this descriptor, and immigration cases need to be considered on a one-by-one basis. But the problem is the inverse: Western governments have blindly opened their borders to anyone and everyone from Muslim countries, regardless of their education, skill, or ability to contribute and integrate. In Europe, a lot of this stems from white colonial guilt. France, for example, has become the trash bin of humanity because of its lax policy towards immigrants from former French colonies – most of which are African and Muslim, with the common language being the only thing culturally shared (and maybe the polygamy, which approximates the French mistress phenomenon).

And what happens when you try to point out a lack of Muslim or Arabic integration in France? You end up in criminal court, facing various charges ranging from racist speech to inciting racial hatred, much like French journalist/editorialist Eric Zemmour, in the wake of his televised comments about Arabs and Blacks being responsible for most drug crimes -- a fact backed up in a sworn statement by the former Minister of Interior. Not that facts provide any advantage.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul, in his EU speech, also touched on this, pleading for a “new political language”. Presumably, to further obfuscate the truth.

A new study by the Pew Research Center finds that Britain will have more Muslims than Kuwait by 2030, with one in four new immigrants being Muslim. All astrophysicists and great leaders, ready to take Britain to the next level of sophistication and competitiveness – allowing the rest of the world to bask in the benefits of the great Muslim minds and achievements for which they have been known throughout world history.

Luckily for us Westerners, the world Muslim population is on the rise everywhere – and particularly in Western democracies -- thanks to the generosity that allows them to enjoy a relative worry-free, progeny-producing existence, while the rest of us conscientiously fret about whether we can responsibly afford offspring without downloading the burden onto anyone else. In the USA, the figure is set to double within the same time frame.

If the idea of integration seems at all possible, it’s dispelled by a recent proposal made to me by a French Centrist political leader. His idea is to simply acknowledge that people live in tribes and that France will simply consist of various tribes that can’t possibly expect to integrate. His idea of approximating integration is to allow them to contribute to the “whole” of society from their tribal base. My response to that was: “Why does their ‘tribal base’ have to be in France, then? And why do we have to tolerate that – particularly when we’re supporting their lifestyle?”

At least we have one thing going for us: the Chavs, trailer-park inhabitants, Octomom, and Kate Gosselin. Those are the demographic powerhouses of Western culture that will counter the ongoing and upcoming Muslim flourish.