Street Siestas Highlight a Problem

By: Rachel Marsden


My friend and fellow commentator, Ann Coulter, has suggested that illegal immigration turns a nation into a drop-in department store. If that's the case, then the pan-American May Day protest by illegal immigrants this week has presented the perfect opportunity for a huge "clean-up on aisle I-5."

In fact, if these folks hit the streets for a work-free fiesta every single week, I think it could ultimately help to square away the whole illegal immigration mess in the U.S.

The Los Angeles Times reports that some industries -- like garment and produce -- were virtually paralyzed the day of the protest. Maybe if this happened more often, these businesses would actually start hiring legal workers at a decent, livable wage. Government officials should note which businesses shut down every time illegals take a day off, and then send immigration officials there the following day to hand out one-way trips on the Tijuana Express.

"But illegal workers keep the price of your fruit down!" cry the lefties. (If that's the case, forget fruit -- why can't we get them working in the petroleum industry?) So our choice is cheap apples or better wages? Wow, that's a tough call.

The protests piggybacked on the traditional worldwide commie/liberal protest day of May 1. Great idea. I strongly recommend illegal immigrants keep listening to radicals. Nothing screams "hard worker" like playing hooky with a bunch of unemployed far-left flakes.

U.S. President George Bush has been one of the illegals' biggest cheerleaders -- and they're still telling him to go screw himself. If anything, this should teach Bush that pandering to both liberals and illegals is a moronic move. A few more of these walkouts might help drive this point home.

When most of us who live in decent countries see folks waving flags from Third World countries in our streets, it reminds us of why our nation is so much better than the ones they left, and why we want to keep it that way. Not all countries and cultures are created equal. For example, you won’t see folks from Anglo-derivative nations like the USA and Canada with flies crawling up their noses on late-night Sally Struthers infomercials.

Just a word of warning, protesters. If recent events in Europe are any indication, all your rah-rah patriotism for countries other than the one where you have chosen to live will ultimately drive power into the hands of politicians who make Bush look like a big cuddly puffball.

British Minister of State for Work and Pensions, Margaret Hodge, says that 80% of voters with whom she has spoken in advance of this week's local elections support the hard-right British National Party that wants to ban immigration and protect British culture and heritage.

Even France is fed up with immigrant rioting. Reuters reports that far-right National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has doubled his support in the last 4 years, to 14%. Meanwhile, the Jacques Chirac government's new immigration bill would allow the country to handpick immigrants and mandate lessons on French language and values. (I suppose this means all French immigrants will soon know how to hit the ground and cower under the furniture whenever someone pops in a DVD of Das Boot.)

So keep up those "street siestas," amigos. You may have actually managed to ignite France's fighting spirit -- and even Saddam Hussein and Hitler couldn't do that.