My Own Inconvenient Truth

By:  Rachel Marsden

NEW YORK -- Since I slipped and fell four times this week in Times Square on my way to work, it's time to weigh in on the glo-bull warming debate. Because when I'm inconvenienced by the weather, there's something wrong with the planet.

It's no wonder the political left is all over the global warming phenomenon, as it falls into line with the rest of their causes that require no logical argument, only a bumper sticker, protest sign, or T-shirt. No matter what the weather happens to be doing -- whether its snowing or scorching hot -- these people will simply point to the nearest window and mumble, "Yeah man, global warming."

The last time I argued like that, I was five years old and in front of a menu board at McDonalds, jumping up and down with my little finger pointed at the picture of a Quarter Pounder.

I can see why the issue would be appealing, though, as it beats fighting that never ending "War on Poverty" which involves going outside and counting all the homeless people. Pointing is even easier.

Watching liberals play scientist is like observing a chimp while it attempts to operate an Easy-Bake oven. It's entertaining, but rather harmless.

But it's the folks who actually call themselves "scientists" who concern me. Until "climate change" became a catchphrase, experts in this field were called "weather men" and we watched them at work on the nightly news. Given their general track record for accuracy, most of them may as well be reading us our astrology charts instead of the weather maps.

A U.S. Congressional hearing on climate change was cancelled this week because of a massive snowstorm in DC. I'm just wondering, how many academic degrees are required for a person to find that funny?

An article in the Los Angeles Times perfectly sums up global warming quackery: "As glaciers from Greenland to Kilimanjaro recede at record rates, the central icecap of Antarctica has been steadily growing for 11 years, partially offsetting the rise in seas from the melt waters of global warming, researchers said."

The "experts" claim to be able to measure the temperature of the Earth. (I don't want to know where they stick the thermometer.) They travel to remote regions and declare that because ice is melting somewhere and growing somewhere else, that means the Earth is (drumroll) warmer! Duh. Of course it does.

As if a glo-bull warming scientist is going to walk into the finance department of his institution and say, "There's nothing to worry about. It's all crap. My work here is done. Oh well, time for me to get a job at Denny's!"

This week, a Boston Globe columnist compared global warming skeptics to holocaust deniers. The far-left has finally found faith and religion, and they're about as rational as a suicide bomber when it comes to their convictions.

You know that all objectivity and perspective has gone out the window when a PowerPoint presentation on the issue, featuring esteemed actor Al Gore, gets an Oscar nod. Gore has also announced this week he'll be holding climate change concerts, called Live Earth, in support of his own foundation to "fight" glo-bull warming.

Here's the real "inconvenient truth": People who spend this much time contemplating the weather need to pick up some extra shifts at work, or even take a ballroom dancing or pottery class.


PUBLISHED:  TORONTO SUN (February 18/07)