GOP Primary Voters:  Making A Colossal Mistake

By:  Rachel Marsden

The Republican delegates -- who, through the primaries, get to choose the party’s candidate for the general election -- seem hell-bent on electing a Democratic president.

Why would I say such a thing?  Well, so far, polling suggests that these people are more interested in propping up candidates who have little or no chance of winning a general election, based on the fact that most of America is socially moderate, fiscally conservative, and more or less in the political mushy middle.

The only candidate with any mass appeal or ability to prevent a Democrat from getting into the White House is Rudy Giuliani. 

For those primary voters unable to figure out for themselves why Giuliani is the GOP’s only hope, here are a few things to consider:

Giuliani’s the only GOPer who could destroy B. Hussein Obama:  If Obama manages to pull an upset over Hillary Clinton and take the Democratic nod (and that’s a BIG ‘if’), Giuliani’s the only one with enough experience to make Obama look like a toddler – or rather like a yappy puppy with his nose pressed up against the pet store window barking, “Change, change, ch-ch-ch-ch-change, ruff, ruff, change”.  B. Hussein is equally in danger of ending up where thinks he wants to be, without a clue as to what to do once he actually gets there. 

Canadians elected a Liberal Prime Minister like this named Paul Martin.  He stood for change from the previous Liberal regime, but ended up being booted from office a year and a half after he was elected because he froze as soon as he was let off the leash and people realized that he really didn’t have a single idea to implement.

Want proof that Giuliani is a “do-er” who isn’t in danger of freezing up?  He’s made enemies.  B. Hussein doesn’t have anywhere near enough.   As Winston Churchill once said:  “You have enemies?  Good.  That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

9/11 optics:  If Obama ends up winning the nomination, you want the optics of “9/11 Hero Rudy vs. B. Hussein Obama” (who was partly educated in a “Muslim school” during his formative years), at a time when we’re at war with Islamists.

No matter who you are, Rudy IS you:  Public opinion research has shown over the years that one of the main questions voters ask themselves when deciding on a candidate is, “Which one of these guys is most like me.”  That can translate into thoughts like, “Wow, John McCain’s cool; we have the same windbreaker!” or “Bill Clinton’s black, just like me!”  Or, if you’re one of about 5 corporate CEO’s:  “Mitt Romney’s my soulmate.”

Newsflash:  Unless you see yourself as Jesus Christ – or think that American voters do – then why prop up a guy like Mike Huckabee?

Most people are morally flawed – and no one is better at admitting that than Giuliani.  And if there’s any concern that he can’t cross over and connect with the redneck element of the GOP in addition to the heathens on the left, just keep in mind that he once married his second cousin.

The media hates Rudy:  The mainstream media loves Mike Huckabee and hates Rudy.  When you’re a conservative who suddenly finds yourself on the same cheering squad as the liberal media, doesn’t that concern you?

Rudy Doesn’t Need Cheat Sheets:  As nice a guy that I think Fred Thompson is, he has the habit of referring to notes a lot.  (Memorize the damn script, Fred.  You’re an actor!)  Electing a president who’s glued to notes while talking about the economy as we potentially head into a recession is like choosing a surgeon who has to consult a manual when performing a craniotomy.  Giuliani can talk about anything from in-depth foreign affairs to his growth-generating tax plan without having to resort to using his hand as a cheat sheet.

Giuliani’s the only GOPer who can withstand a Clinton dirt-digging mission:  Hear that noise?  It’s the infamous Clinton bulldozer, revving up in preparation for a major excavation in the GOP nominee’s backyard!  Giuliani’s the only one in the Republican field who has inoculated himself against a “smutological dig” by taking himself out of the contest for Jesus’ Gold Star early on.  Not to say that Giuliani would ever pull a Bill Clinton “Oral Office” stunt, but if he ever did, you’d know he’d be thinking about Bin Laden the whole time.


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