"Dissidents opposing the Davos agenda dismissed as ‘right-wingers’"

By: Rachel Marsden

PARIS — The self-styled masters of the universe gathered in Davos, Switzerland, last week for the world’s largest convention of the tone-deaf. Those with even a modicum of self-awareness avoided the annual World Economic Forum altogether this year, including every G7 leader except German Chancellor Olaf Scholz who was there to talk about renewables even as Berlin fired back up the nuclear and coal plants after shunning Russian gas. The others must have figured that their presence would be a bad look to the folks at home who are already struggling with the high costs of daily living brought about by the heavy-handed policies promoted by many of these same financial and political elites.

In recent years, the “Davos Agenda” has advanced ideas like, “5 reasons why eating insects could reduce climate change.” Look, Earth can literally self-destruct first, OK? “What is transhumanism and how does it affect you?” Davos asked. Folks who are just trying to make ends meet likely haven’t given much thought to the notion of turning themselves into a real-life Terminator.

“Why we need to regulate digital identity in the metaverse,” Davos suggests, perhaps because there just aren’t enough problems to solve here in the real world.

Forum founder Klaus Schwab asked in his opening address, "What does it mean to master the future?" Maybe try mastering the present, first? It’s a strange set of priorities, but those who dare to question them are apparently a big problem.

“Disrupting distrust” was even the theme of a panel at this year’s event, as though skepticism of the globalist system that promotes Davos talking points as gospel is responsible for the woes of the world. “My hypothesis on that is right-wing groups have done a really good job of disenfranchising NGOs," lamented Richard Edelman, of the global communications firm, Edelman. Ah, yes — clearly the problem is the “right wing”, and not the total lack of distrust that the Western establishment has brought upon itself.

How many times did we hear that the U.S. was winning the war in Afghanistan — right up until it ended with the Taliban taking charge? How much cash is currently fueling the U.S. and Western military-industrial complex under the pretext of helping Ukraine to “win” against Russia? Are the establishment elites sure that’s going to happen? Or is the charade just going to continue until the coffers of the weapons manufacturers have to loosen their belt and let out a burp?

And speaking of NGOs, one just happens to be at the center of a major scandal at the European Parliament right now that has resulted in the arrest and detention of elected officials and personnel on accusations of corruption related to Qatari and Moroccan lobbying.

“I am sorry to say that one of the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) who has been involved in the European Parliament scandal is called “Fight Against Impunity”, said EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell. “Sorry, but it is the way it is. But we are setting a new Global Observatory on Fighting against Impunity, and we are going to allocate €20 million for that.”

Is the Global Observatory on Fighting Against Impunity going to keep the shadiness going under the guise of fixing it? It doesn’t take a right-winger to realize that there are NGOs laundering special interests by taking cash to influence public officials – all under the thin veneer of academic respectability. The fact that Davos dedicated a panel to vilifying and smearing dissidents who dare to challenge these relationships speaks volumes.

Even with the “Qatargate” lobbying and alleged influence buying scandal raging at the heart of the European Union — one of the top Western establishment institutions and self-styled defenders of freedom and democracy — European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has yet to disclose exactly what was on the 11 contracts worth €71 billion that she negotiated for the Covid jabs with Big Pharma, or what was in the personal text messages with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla that have since vanished.

The EU was quick to put into place a digital Covid certificate — binding across all 27 member nations — which effectively got jabs into arms quickly under the threat of losing the ability to travel. Various European countries also required the QR code for work, public gatherings, and leisure activities. Thus far, von der Leyen and Bourla have neglected to provide total transparency on these contracts to the Covid-19 committee of the European Parliament – even as von der Leyen lectures about the need for transparency over Qatargate.

Special economic interests — from Big Pharma to War Inc. — and the complicity of Western institutions, are the real threat to freedom, democracy, and the average person’s future. Those considered a threat by the Davos crowd — “right-wingers” or otherwise — have figured that out.