Just How Nice To The Terrorists Do We Have To Be?

By:  Rachel Marsden

NEW YORK -- While Canada's Liberal party is busy pandering to terror suspects, an NYPD report this week actually named my street as a potential target of Mideast terrorists. Such an attack wouldn't even rattle Liberal leader Stephane Dion's champagne glass, but it would transform my neighbourhood into Beirut. This might explain why Dion cares more about trees than I do.

In the wake of the Supreme Court of Canada's decision to have Parliament rework the security certificate program for foreign terror suspects on Canadian soil, Dion said that he "never liked" the certificates, used to deal with our suspected wartime enemies. Spoken like a true Frenchman -- as in France.

Then, in a recent vote on the anti-terror provisions brought into force by the Liberal government after the September 11 terrorist attacks, Dion and his party struck down the ability of police to hold terror suspects for even three days.

Would it really be too much to ask people who might want to blow stuff up to forego a few home-cooked meals? Mind you, three days may seem like a long time to Dion.

France barely lasted much longer before surrendering to Germany in WWII.

If the terrorists were planning to detonate some ferns in Vancouver's Stanley Park, you know Dion would be all over it.

What's bogging down both the U.S. and Canada in the war on terror is the fact that people want to conduct a war under the rules of basic law enforcement, worrying about the rights of those who manage to arouse enough suspicion to create a blip on the intel radar. (By the way, if you think that intelligence officers are so masochistic as to want to listen to the average, non-suspicious phone chat, you've never sat beside an idiot with a cellphone on the bus.)

Here's a thought: How about someone whose passport (Canadian, American or otherwise) is loaded with stamps from terror-sponsoring states, or who hangs out with people spotted doing monkey bars exercises with AK-47s, should have to think twice about coming to Canada or the USA? Otherwise, you're fair game. Don't like it? Too bad -- try Cuba, or something.

In today's ridiculous, politically correct climate, had 9/11 terrorist Mohamed Atta actually been hauled off his flight before ramming it into the World Trade Center, he'd probably be a member of the millionaire's club today, while having the cops apologize to him.

Everyone could use a bit of a pep talk in the war on terror. U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney made a trip this week to give Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf a nudge in the right direction. Musharraf, who is supposed to be rooting out bin Laden and his boys, instead cut a "peace agreement" with terrorists, allowing them to hang out in the northern part of his country, with easy access to the U.S,, Canadian and U.K. troops in Afghanistan.

Cheney didn't even have to use a Power Point presentation to drive home the message that Musharraf has fumbled the ball, since al-Qaida conveniently set off a bomb during Cheney's stop in Afghanistan, nearly fulfilling every far-leftist's wet dream. For Cheney, it must have felt just like any other day at the office: Folks who don't shave, don't bathe, and want him dead. Wow, feels just like back home!

Meanwhile, here's hoping the only bomb Dion will ever have to face is his performance on election day.