Sting op suggests that it's time for full transparency on COVID-related special interests

By: Rachel Marsden

PARIS — Why don’t we yet have full disclosure on COVID jabs and mandates? Evidence is trickling out that those in charge have clearly been less than forthcoming.

“What efforts is Pfizer currently, or planning to, engage in to mutate the SARS-CoV-2 virus?” wrote Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to the drug company’s CEO Albert Bourla, in the wake of an undercover Project Veritas investigative sting operation that emerged online last week, alleging deliberate tinkering with the virus. “Working with collaborators, we have conducted research where the original SARS-CoV-2 virus has been used to express the spike protein from new variants of concern,” the company said in a press statement in the wake of the controversy, acknowledging the activity’s “vaccine update” context.

Excuse me? What threat does this activity pose to the return to a world of pre-COVID normality where the jabs are no longer pushed and it’s just treated like any other virus? And why is everything so murky around Big Pharma and its cozy relationship with Western governments — a rapport qualified by the pharma executive targeted by Project Veritas as a revolving door that’s bad for America.

NGOs from the UK and France also recently called out Big Pharma for a lack of transparency around COVID jab contracts whose terms the public has yet to see.

Earlier this month, the European Parliament’s COVID-19 Committee sought to revoke Pfizer’s lobbying access due to Bourla’s refusal to answer to the committee as they seek transparency on its contract to supply the entire bloc.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has miraculously lost the text messages she claimed to have exchanged directly with Bourla about the Pfizer contract, and doesn’t seem to be in any rush to explain herself or elucidate the investigative committee.

As questions continue to swirl around jab side effects previously downplayed by government officials in order to get shots into arms, those whose lives have been adversely affected have a right to accountability. If Big Pharma was given contractual immunity, then the buck stops with the officials who signed off on it.

Public inquiries are also needed to determine the extent to which heavy-handed measures taken by public officials were guided by actual science, or whether “science” was used as a pretext to advance discreet special interests. But nearly three years after governments around the world forced their citizens into lockdown, trampled basic civil rights and freedoms, and destroyed careers and families, there’s a growing sense that the COVID panic is disappearing in the rearview mirror, and there’s a temptation to move on as though none of it ever happened.

Here in France, it has just been announced that, as of Feb. 1, automatic medical certificates for time off work due to a COVID diagnosis will no longer be valid. In other words, the virus is now to be treated like any other illness. It’s hard to believe that, not long ago, people here were ordered to stay at home for 23 hours a day for weeks, then risked being tackled by fellow citizens if they didn’t have a valid mask on their face in public, and were prohibited from traveling, assembling, participating in leisure activities, and even visiting family in hospital if they didn’t have a digital QR code as proof that they were keeping up with the requisite number of anti-COVID jabs mandated by the government regardless of one’s personal medical situation or doctor’s advice.

But as tempting as it may be to simply move on, it’s not over — at least not for anyone traveling to the U.S. who still requires proof of anti-COVID injection, or for French health care workers who lost their jobs because they declined the jabs. The French health care system is routinely facing shortages, and these workers are desperately needed. But French President Emmanuel Macron has steadfastly refused to entertain the thought, describing them last year as “caregivers who have a relationship to care and ethics that is very marginal compared to the rest of their colleagues.”

The stigma of being unjabbed also persists through the remaining restrictions, perpetuating the notion that such people are selfish, despite the fact that it’s now common knowledge that the jab doesn’t stop transmission or acquisition of the virus, and its effectiveness is increasingly being called into question.

Almost exactly a year ago, the “Freedom Convoy” of Canadian truckers and their supporters protested the divisive and discriminatory mandates, demanding that they be scrapped, and rejecting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vilification of unjabbed Canadians. Some supporters had their bank accounts blocked by government order. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland conflated the move with “terrorist financing” as Trudeau invoked martial law. Meanwhile the European Union introduced a digital COVID certificate linked to citizens’ jab status, which was also recognized by 49 non-EU countries.

All these measures plunged the "democratic" Western world into a previously unthinkable authoritarianism.

But is the dystopian horror show really over? Or is this merely an interlude? We’ll never know without demanding the full and uncompromised truth of all those involved.