Europe introduces more tyrannical climate change measures

By: Rachel Marsden

PARIS — The French government just announced the implementation of a ban on flights between cities that are accessible by train within two and a half hours.

Private jets won’t be impacted, of course. Some French have given the Gallic shrug to the new measure, taken in the name of fighting climate change. They tell themselves that it’s no big deal since the travel time is about the same by train after you factor in the trip to – and wait at – the airport. They’re missing the point.

Let’s set aside the fact that some people who live in the affected cities won’t be able to connect to flights out of the big airports in Paris. Instead, they’ll have to pack into a train, pray that the unionized train workers aren’t on one of their many routine labor strikes, then haul themselves to the airport upon their arrival in Paris.

Airlines already offer the possibility for suckers to pay even more for their plane tickets to offset their “carbon footprint”. And shockingly, that just didn’t cut it when it comes to saving the planet. The problem is that nothing ever does. But is anyone surprised? In the film “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” Matthew McConaughey’s character says to Leo DiCaprio’s, “Number one rule of Wall Street. … Nobody — and I don’t care if you’re Warren Buffet or if you’re Jimmy Buffet — nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles.” The same goes for the notion of climate change being controllable by man, which is as ripe for exploitation by scammers as Wall Street, with governments being first in line. For instance, are you sure that the 200 trips that you took to work on your bike instead of in your car (which has to be emissions-approved by the same government that’s trying to then stop you from using it) actually helped keep the earth’s temperature down? How do you even know? By what measure? Our leaders have been micromanaging our lives for years, depriving us of bags for our groceries, making us sort our garbage, trying to dictate how much heat or cooling we should be using in our own homes, and they’re still further away than ever from control over the climate.

Did it ever occur to them that the reason none of it is working is because all these schemes are, in fact, totally useless? Nah, instead they’re going to keep harassing, guilting, and inconveniencing the average person in order to keep pretending that they’re doing something worthy of maintaining their well-paid position rather than being about as utterly uselessness as a kid pretending to pull all the people up to the top of an escalator by its handrail.

You have to wonder what exactly the tipping point is for the average person with this climate charade. So far, most people have just gone along to get along, not bothering to question the tangible value of the measures imposed on them, and assuming that governments based the measures on some kind of intellectual heavy lifting rather than ideology. But does anyone actually believe that most (or any) elected officials are truly capable of assessing quantifiable evidence, including the precise chemical or biological pathways, in order to objectively discern how any given measure impacts specifically and directly on the temperature of the earth (and by what degree)? No one seems to care that the anti-car traffic barriers strewn around the city of Paris by green-obsessed Mayor Anne Hidalgo ultimately end up causing more cars to idle in traffic jams just outside of the city, for example. Instead, all the greenies just clap for the lunacy like trained seals at an aquarium show.

Meanwhile, the West’s climate change mission creep is following the same quagmire model as their foreign wars. And farmers are apparently their climate war’s next Bin Laden or ISIS. The European Commission has a stated agenda of “reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.”

Notice how none of the figures relate to the actual mechanism by which that would actually be achieved. It sounds like one of those “earn $10,000 per week by working just 30 minutes a day from home” proposals. The EU is encouraging European countries to reduce the number of cattle — because they create organic waste that’s bad for the environment — which also happens to be a fitting definition of the bureaucrats in Brussels who came up with this.

So the Dutch government, whose farmers are the largest suppliers of meat to Europe, fell in line with the EU directives, demanding that their own farmers reduce livestock by a third to cut nitrogen. They’ve proposed to buy out farms that won’t comply.

It didn’t take long for that particular authoritarian measure to spread. French farmers have now joined their Dutch counterparts in resisting the invisible fist of European supranational governance coming down on them as the French bureaucracy advised the government just a few days ago to elaborate a similar “strategy to reduce cattle herds."

It just happened to come at the same time as President Emmanuel Macron’s government adopted a climate plan that repeats the same language and targets as the EU.

Maybe more people should have resisted this tyranny when Western governments first started pressuring citizens into recycling their Coke cans.