Government propaganda against the anti-mandate Canadian trucker convoy is worthy of tyranny

By: Rachel Marsden

PARIS — Throughout history, what tyrants have always feared most is losing control of their official narrative. Because doing so is typically followed by their fall from grace and power. And there’s a movement currently afoot in Canada that just may be remembered in history books as having sparked a much-needed worldwide awareness about the tyrannical government overreach that has persisted for over two years in so-called democracies regarding COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

Last weekend, a convoy of truckers from all over Canada (and reportedly some from the U.S.) began converging in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, pledging to remain until all COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates are lifted nationwide. Participants were promptly portrayed by none other than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, even before their arrival, as a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.”

Trudeau cited a 90 percent vaccination rate among truckers as his rationale, ignoring the fact that the “Convoy for Freedom 2022” was really fighting for the right of all truckers to keep working, whether they choose to take the jab, or not. (A new Canadian government jab mandate enacted on January 15 impacts their ability to work across the U.S.-Canada border.)

Once again, the leader of a so-called free country was telling its citizens what to think and how to feel by propagating what some believe to be misinformation over objective reality. It’s the kind of behavior more typically associated with tyrannical control freaks.

Now before anyone thinks that accusing these self-styled democracies of tyranny is over the top, consider that the dictionary definition of tyranny is “oppressive power” or “arbitrary use of power or control”. And that’s exactly what citizens of democracies have been subjected to over the past two years as pandemic fearmongering has raged.

The hoop jumping with which many healthy, young, or naturally immune people have been forced to comply, including repeated injections of vaccine still being tested, to access daily life, or even to keep their jobs, is tyrannical.

The fact that so-called “free” governments have opted for a one-size-fits-all approach to cracking down on their people while arguing that they’re doing so in the interests of health and science over which they discourage or censor debate is tyrannical.

The notion of dividing society into “good” and “bad” citizens on the sole basis of a personal medical choice related to a single ailment while completely ignoring the plethora of other risky personal behaviors that overwhelm health care resources and services is tyrannical.

Issuing digital identities to track and marginalize individuals on the basis of a single private health decision is tyrannical — as is arguing that the collective must take precedence at all costs over individual rights and freedoms.

And when Canadian prime monster, Justin Trudeau, addressed the Canadian people as he did this week, disingenuously painting the anti-mandate protesters convening in Ottawa along with the truckers as racist or racism-tolerant, conflating them with a few bad actors that are hardly representative, pitting vaccinated truckers against unvaccinated truckers, or riling up Canadians who swallow his official COVID narrative whole against those who have legitimate concerns about the disequilibrium between rights and restrictions – it’s tyrannical.

When Trudeau continues to peddle the now well-worn trope that anti-COVID jabs taken by “good” Canadians protect others, despite knowing full well that the jab doesn’t prevent people from catching or transmitting the virus, he’s peddling anti-scientific propaganda and elevating the scientifically denatured ideology of Covidism to the utmost moral authority. Guess what it used to be called back in the old days when people were forced to cede their rights to the state in the collective interest? That’s right — it’s tyranny.

Truckers, like health care workers, were initially shoved to the front lines of the pandemic and applauded every day when COVID alarmists weren’t otherwise yelling at people standing closer than a few feet away, hoarding toilet paper, hiding at home behind a Zoom video chat, or rubbing their skin raw with hand sanitizer. Our regimes desperately needed them to work regardless of any perceived risks that sent others cowering. But now that these workers want to continue serving in the same conditions — that is, without a jab — they’re painted as the bad guys.

It’s not the workers who have changed their behavior or position from the outset of the pandemic. Only the dominant narrative has changed. Government propaganda has ultimately manipulated public opinion into tolerating the multiplication of restrictions, even as the virus appears to have weakened with successive variants. And these lucid, frontline heroes have had enough.

Tyranny always fears cracks in the facade that could cause people to start asking themselves more questions as the reality around them deviates increasingly from government propaganda. Regimes end up falling because the average person stops listening and obeying. The truckers have the world’s attention — and there’s nothing more that tyrants fear than these workers demonstrating true solidarity in standing up for basic human rights to work and associate, open and uncensored scientific debate, and our ultimate right of bodily ownership and agency.