They're Pawns of Radicals

By:  Rachel Marsden

Let's get something straight: The hooligans occupying "disputed" land in Caledonia, Ontario, who have torched roads and an overpass, overturned cars, blockaded streets and rail lines represent "native people" about as much as the Hell's Angels biker gang represents white people.

If the Hell's Angels were pulling the same stunts in my downtown Toronto neighbourhood, I'm sure Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty wouldn't have a problem with the police enforcing the law. But despite a criminal court injunction mandating the Ontario Provincial Police to remove the occupiers and restore order, McGuinty seems to get all twitchy over the idea of the law being applied fairly and equally in this country.

McGuinty's response to the OPP doing its job in Caledonia should have been: "This isn't about natives vs. whites. It isn't even about land claims anymore. It's about anarchists and terrorists vs. the rest of society. I don't give a damn what colour you are -- in this country, we will not be held hostage by anyone who breaks the law while hiding behind ethnicity."

Instead, some natives are allowing themselves to be used by white men, as the far-left yahoo faction joins forces with the Mohawk Warrior hoodlum element.

When radical U.S. professor Ward Churchill spoke at the University of Toronto earlier this year, he called on anarchists to use native treaties to destroy North America: "You have a road map. They're called treaties. You have a commonality of interests. They desire liberation; you desire to beat imperialism and the implications to you. Isn't that amazingly simple?"

He added that terrorist and t-shirt celebrity Che Guevara envied North American college radicals at the heart of the "real victory" in North America, because Guevara was "denied that access."

Churchill went on to suggest why native people provide the perfect cover for agitators: "All oppressions are not equal. You start with the most discernibly oppressed, the most tangibly, concretely, demonstrably in a position to affect liberation based upon enunciated rights, and you work your way out from there."

It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that the militant, far-left Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) has made itself at home on the Caledonia site, in "support" of the natives -- sending down an organized busload last Saturday and holding "public meetings" in Toronto this week.

A far-left organization called "No One Is Illegal" has also jumped on the native bandwagon. These folks have already whined about everything from the deportation of illegal immigrants to poor terror suspects being held in Canadian jails.

The OPP needs to move in and arrest some lawbreakers, while "Dalton McChamberlain" tries to muster up at least as much testosterone as fellow Liberal pansy Pierre Trudeau managed during the FLQ crisis.

Meanwhile, the natives would be wise to take a cue from the Chairman of the American Indian Movement, Dennis Banks.

Banks was quick to denounce Churchill as an "Indian fraud" and a far-left nutbar rocking the ponytail-and-moccasins look, "masquerading as an Indian for years behind his dark glasses and beaded headband."

Similarly, the Six Nations people should publicly divorce themselves from the radicals -- both native and non-native -- and hand them over to the police officers standing at the barricades. Because no one with half a set of 'nads negotiates with terrorists. Isn't that right, Dalton?