Bush Re-Election 2004: Armageddon Redux Bush Re-Election 2004: Armageddon Redux

By: Rachel Marsden

It’s quite entertaining, watching liberals self-induce into these spastic fits of hysteria at the thought of conservative governance.

One of the most morbidly funny things I’ve ever seen was a TV ad put out by the Democrats, in the run-up to 2000 US Presidential election, featuring a redneck pickup truck with a chain dragging behind it. The subtle message was that if George W. Bush was ever elected President, black people would be dragged through the streets and randomly murdered while their churches burned.

Four years and a re-election victory later, they’re still hyperventilating over Bush. This time, it’s about issues ranging from abortion to a war draft. Every time a Republican gets into office, there’s this widespread panic that he will effectively revoke every American woman’s God-given right to irresponsibly sleep her way through the Manhattan phone book without protection, and just deal with the consequences later. How dare the government interfere with someone’s choice to NOT avail oneself of the various high-tech methods of birth control like IUDs, birth control pills, and the Morning After Pill! Like, what if they just don’t feel like it, man!

As for the draft scare, the only one who has ever brought up the issue in recent times is John Kerry himself. A draft would mean that snobby, rich kids like Dubya would have to go into war zones instead of hanging out at home in the Air National Guard. Like John Kerry said himself, “It’s only fair.” It would also destroy the world’s biggest military superpower by loading it up with a bunch of slackers who really don’t want to be there, and there’s nothing liberals would love to ruin more than a hegemonic superpower.

The 2004 Presidential election proved that the media, Hollywood and the Democratic Party don’t reflect mainstream America, and that the Nielsen TV Ratings are more reliable than polls. There’s a silent majority of people out there who appear to be busy watching Fox News on a regular basis and jacking up that network’s ratings, while letting calls from pollsters go straight through to their answering machines.

But of course, now it isn’t just Bush who’s the moron--it’s the slack-jawed yokel majority that voted for him. The long-suppressed truth is now out: The party purporting to be for “the people” doesn’t tend to look very fondly on its constituency.

The reaction to Bush’s re-election been equally hyperbolic abroad. Britain’s Daily Mirror blasted, “How can 59,054,087 [Americans] be so dumb?” Pretty tough talk coming from a country full of people who have yet to master the toothbrush.

My own email box has been flooded with hate-filled rants from all over the world. This one, from the United Arab Emirates, is fairly representative:

“Hi Rachel
I was reading all your hate articles against non whites....Calling yourself a believer. Tell me, how much is the Bush campaign paying you? I am sure you know it is blood money.”

I’m sure I’ll be getting my name bumped up on the jihadi ‘to-do’ list for pointing this out--but, “a believer”? “Blood money”? He forgot to mention Halliburton, but he did deal the race card. The Reverend “Jessuh-uh-uh” Jackson would be proud.

Why is it that liberals, John Kerry during his campaign, filmmaker Michael Moore, the Hollywood tabloid brigade, Osama bin Laden, and this nutbar all sound the same? A bit of projection, perhaps, when it comes to corruption and scandal?

One country that seems to really dig corruption is France. There’s no other explanation for why those folks keep electing the leaders they do. A recent poll in France had 71% of that country’s voters backing Kerry, with only 17% supporting Bush. (I guess the other 12% were sweet on Ralph Nader.) Meanwhile, their leader, Jacques Chirac, basically told a victorious Bush to shove it, while scurrying over to the deathbed of his terrorist pal, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Hardly a surprising reaction considering the fact that Bush mucked up Chirac’s backroom deals with Saddam under the United Nation’s “Oil-for-Food” program.

Unless Saddam was chowing down on missiles, grenade launchers and WMD components, then it wasn’t quite ‘food’ that he was getting in exchange for that oil. Chirac was caught with his hand in the cookie jar when US and coalition forces invaded Iraq and noticed all the newly-minted French missiles whizzing by them. According to a CIA report, various French government officials were on Saddam’s payroll, and received $1.78 billion to actively work against US policy.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute found that France provided 13% of imported weapons to Iraq, with the other two ‘peace-loving members of the United Nations Security Council’ -- Russia and China -- handing Saddam 57% and 12% of his weapons, respectively, between 1973 and 2002. What about those warmongering, interventionist, hypocritical American Presidents, which include spawn-of-Satan ‘Dubya’, his daddy, and that ‘moron’ Ronnie Reagan, who loaded up Saddam with all those weapons to fight Iran? Their total contributions amounted to a whopping 1% of Saddam’s cache.

A lot of American liberals have thrown a fit since the election, and have been talking openly about picking up their marbles and heading to Canada--a country that has been coasting on its post-WWII clout and moral authority, and now has zip-all left. The last thing Canada needs now is a liberal invasion from the south.

Not that Canada has any real power to stop you. It was former socialist Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who decimated Canada’s military and ultimately put it on a path to defenselessness. Canada is now so toothless that even the Prime Minister, when pleading recently for UN member countries to pitch-in with foreign aid, addressed only a handful of delegates, many of whom probably sat there thinking, “Who the heck is this guy?” and “Put up or shut up, you cheapskate.” It all comes down to one’s priorities: Canada may allow you to marry your gay lover, but when either a major health or defense crisis comes knocking, you won’t be able to get back to Dubya’s ‘Jesusland’ fast enough.

Maybe all these people will ultimately reconsider their plans to move north, and instead stay in the USA and work towards getting Hillary Clinton elected to the Oval Office in 2008? The fact that liberals have readily transferred their hopes to someone who was once quoted as saying, “We are going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good,” proves that they have learned nothing at all from the Bush victory.