Barack Obama Isn’t Santa Claus

By:  Rachel Marsden

For all the enthusiasm generated in that Denver stadium last night by those 85,000 people soaking up Urkel the Obamatard’s every word, I personally didn’t feel it.  From Fidel Castro’s infamous multi-hour frenzy-whippers to Hitler’s rousing address at the 1927 Nuremberg rally, all these socialist loons are good at revving up the plebes.

People looking for a vacation away from reality tend get excited over idealistic, unrealistic rhetoric – particularly combined with the overt promise of “free stuff”.  Really, who doesn’t want free things?  But one of the disadvantages of becoming a grown-up is that you realize there really isn’t such a thing as “free stuff” – and everything a price that you’re going to pay in one way or another.  Margaret Thatcher fixed an entire country krazy glued to government freebies by convincing them of that very simple concept.

Like many Democrats who feel that voters are dumb enough to be bribed with their own money, Bill Clinton spoke of free stuff when he ran for President.  Which is why tax increases followed – one of the largest in US history, after he took office in 1993.  The fact that he didn’t have the cost of a war on terrorism to contend with - because he refused to fight it despite repeated al-Qaeda targeting of American interests - seems to have people remembering this period as “prosperous” rather than one of literally passing the responsibility along to the next guy.

If, as Urkel said in last night’s speech, there were “23 million jobs created when Bill Clinton was president [applause from Barackatards]” we can thank Ronald Reagan’s economic policies and, subsequently, the policies implemented by Newt Gingrich’s Republican led Congress and their welfare reform.

Newsflash:  Liberal Democrats – particularly Obama, who would even make Jimmy Carter, a guy who flagrantly ran for office on the idea of tax increases, look like Milton Friedman – seem to feel that it’s alright to promise free stuff to the working and middle classes by promising to stick it to The Man.  And apparently, The Man, for all of Obama’s intents and purposes, is making a whopping $75,000 dollars a year.  Here in New York City where the rent for a shoebox sized apartment can set you back $24,000 to $30,000 a year, and you’re taxed by three levels of government (federal, state, and city), you’re lucky if you’re living above the poverty line making $75k.

Now consider someone who’s making $75,000 a year, paying those kinds of taxes, and trying to run a small business that employs others.  At this point, your little company, forking out double the social security tax (12%) on top of everything else, is now considered one of the “corporations” to which Obama constantly refers in his speeches.  The reality of Obama’s “corporations” isn’t the big multinationals – it’s the little people.   They’re society’s backbone – the builders, producers and innovators to which Ayn Rand refers in her book, Atlas Shrugged.  Stick it to those people, and a free market economy collapses onto itself with government being the only viable institution left standing, redistributing wealth against its natural flow, from those who produce to those who don’t.   So much for “tak[ing] a risk and start a new business”, as Urkel Obama mused in his speech last night.

Even the idea of sticking it to large corporations doesn’t come “free”.  What does Obama think is going to happen if, like every Democratic president before him, he starts taxing them to the hilt?  Does he think they’ll cut executive salaries?  Not a chance.  They’re going to pass the cost back to the consumer, and move to outsource whatever they can to make up the cost difference.

In his speech, Obama speaks of America being “a better country than one where a man in Indiana has to pack up the equipment that he's worked on for 20 years and watch as it's shipped off to China.”  Yet he left out that he recently told the Las Cruces Sun-News about his plan to give citizenship to all the undocumented illegal immigrants already here taking Americans’ jobs and undercutting wages.  I wonder how all the union employees who applauded this week as some 600 illegals were hauled out of their plant during an INS raid in small town Mississippi  would feel about Urkel Obama’s plans to turn around and give all such cheaters citizenship?  “Si se puede,” indeed.

He went on to say that he wants America to be free of Mideast oil dependence within 10 years.   Funny, coming from a guy who didn’t want to support McCain’s longstanding position of drilling for American oil while exploring new energy sources.

And he claimed in his speech that not only that he would catch Osama bin Laden, but that he’d bring the troops home from victory in Iraq.  Now that’s rich.  He even want to send them over to fight terrorism in the first place, then wanted to pull them out on the spot, before agreeing with John McCain and President Bush that perhaps that would be a bad idea.  He later accused the troops of “just air-raiding villages and killing civilians” in Afghanistan - shades of John Kerry’s infamous Genghis Khan remark about US troops in Vietnam.  If Urkel Obama had been president, Saddam Hussein would still be in power, and right about now probably torturing whatever Iraqi athletes were returning from the Olympics without medals.

Barack Obama seems to be a bit slow in adopting the common sense, realistic positions of the Republicans and John McCain.  Sometimes he succeeds in getting there, but it’s a long, winding, torturous path.  Perhaps someday before the election, both Urkel Obama and his flock of liberal zombies will realize that free stuff comes at a price, too.  If you’re insistent on maxing out your credit cards, buying a house you can’t afford instead of renting until you can, and generally living irresponsibly beyond your means, it’s not George Bush’s fault.  And Barack Obama won’t solve your problems beyond giving you a nice fairy tale to dream about between bouts of reality. He’s not going to somehow find free money for you to landscape your yard when you’re already drowning in debt, simply by promising to stick it to The Man.  It’s time to wake up and start being an adult.