Can Western leaders please stop saving the world long enough to take a break from destroying it?

By: Rachel Marsden

Our own sanitary ayatollahs have us living under increasingly liberticidal regimes while admitting that they’re importing new risks from Afghanistan. The end result will be increased surveillance and authoritarianism.

Let me get this straight, I need a QR code just to sit outside at a cafe, but Western governments are all rushing to import people without properly checking if any of them might be minded to blow it up? Doesn’t this just sound like a great way to justify next-level surveillance?

Western nations are currently competing with each other right now to see who can virtue-signal the hardest by importing the maximum number of Afghans into our countries before the deadline that the US negotiated with the Taliban. Over 20 years of playing savior in Afghanistan under the guise of humanitarian intervention has been revealed as a big charade during which nothing lasting was accomplished beyond the enrichment of folks at the top of the military-industrial complex food chain. Despite that obvious truth, our leaders are now in a race against time to empty Afghanistan and transplant much of the country’s population into Western societies under the pretext that the Taliban – the same people to whom the US has literally agreed to hand over the country after years of negotiations directly with them – is a threat.

Stupid slogans are emerging online such as, ‘Leave no one behind’. That seems to include most of the Afghan population at this point since the rhetoric now suggests anyone still left in the country when the music stops is going to be a victim of America’s new chosen Taliban rulers. Our governments have manufactured so many crises and ruinous ‘solutions’ – increasingly exploiting and harming our societies under the guise of trying to socially engineer the world for our own supposed benefit – that it's easy to lose track of who’s who and what’s what.

The French government has only been airlifting Afghans into France for the past few days, yet officials are so skeptical of their own rescue initiatives one has already been convicted in the French courts and given a 10-month suspended sentence on August 25 for breaching the surveillance zone to which the Interior Ministry ordered him to limit his movements under France’s anti-terrorism laws.

Housed in a hotel in the Parisian suburbs with his entire family freshly imported from Afghanistan, he was ordered not to leave the commune, yet made his way to a grocery store in Paris’ city center and was only pinged because he wasn’t wearing a mask. Poor ‘Ahmat M.’ got a free pass out of Afghanistan despite being part of the entourage of an Afghan “suspected of links” to a terrorist threat designated by the French government, only to end up on the radar of our own sanitary ayatollahs because he wasn’t wearing his medical face burka in public.

The French government considers refugees with links to America’s negotiating partners – the Taliban – to be national security threats for France.

But how about those who only recently joined the Taliban, like many members of the NATO-trained army? Or those who fought against the Taliban, like Islamic State

(IS, formerly ISIS), which has just bombed the Kabul airport and a nearby hotel? Or one of the many future ‘Afghan rebel’ groups that will be glorified by the US and its allies as their ‘freedom fighting’ proxies in an effort to gain control over Afghan resources whenever the Taliban ceases to make decisions that serve American and Western interests? How many of these folks are currently considered refugees in need of immediate importation to the West?

It seems like just yesterday our governments’ main obsession wasn’t a virus that it was pretending to successfully micromanage by preventing people from eating outside on a restaurant patio without a QR code linked to either an up-to-date set of jabs from Big Pharma or an intrusive nasal swab, but rather the fact that terrorists were blowing or shooting up some of these same patios. We had learned that the government intelligence services were overwhelmed by the number of radicalized individuals whom they were having to constantly track and observe with the risk that failure to properly do so could result in a national security catastrophe.

Now authorities are not only policing the entire population’s movements by checking QR codes in everyday venues, but they’re having to contend with our government’s importation of acknowledged risks plucked straight out of the thickest fog of war between various jihadist groups. The same people who ruined Afghanistan and made it into the mess that we’re seeing today have the audacity to claim that they’re on a mission to save people from the Taliban – which hasn’t had a chance to run anything in over two decades of occupation. Meanwhile, they’re implementing authoritarian rule here at home under the guise of imminent threats, all while they import even more potential risk from abroad.

Our governments aren’t going to pay the price for this. We are. Because it all adds up to one thing in the end: a justification for increased surveillance and tracking of each one of us under the pretext of our own security and protection.